“Branding Yourself Professionally for the Jobsmarket”

The Website is a tailor made for young people, youth workers, trainers, and coaches, totally focused on branding yourself professionally for the jobsmarket and self-employment!

Which three steps you have to take to unlock your profesional social media savvy value?, read below.

Step 1 - Study & Research

Do your research! YouTube Video's and online articles and blogs hold a huge amount of information on general skills and knowledge regarding social media.

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Step 2 - Create Platforms

Pick what social media platforms will suit you best. From professional to networking all the way to creative. We advice to pick a few platforms and stand out on those!

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Step 3 - Stay Savvy

Most importantly, Stay Savvy. You need to stay connected to your audience. Creating a platform is easy but maintaining it and updating it, is the secret.

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Social Media Savvy - Part 2


Social Media Savvy - Part 2 (2020-2-UK01-KA205-079587) is the sequel of Social Media Savvy (2017-3-UK01-KA205-046578). The aim of Social Media Savvy - Part 2 is to facilitate a Social Media Savvy website with a seperate SMS Platform. On top of that we will develop a social media savvy passport. We provide guidance, advice, tips and tricks on how to build a personal savvy brand ('the brand I', to help young people to create an attractive Social Media Savvy profesional digital identity on their journey to work. SMS Part 2 is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

Our SMS Programme and Products are targeted at young people aged 14-24, teachers, trainers and youth workers.