“Facebook, Twitter? I use that everyday. Who needs to be trained in it?”

Young Employee sentiment like this has quickly become the stuff of nightmares for companies and employers today. Why? Well, because somebody who grows up being a social media native, doesn’t make them an expert in using social media at work or getting a job. While businesses are racing head-on into the social media arena, the contemporary young workforce is still seriously ill-equipped to help unlock its value. And that value is simply enormous.

Step 1 - Study & Research

Do your research, YouTube and online articles hold a huge amount of information on general skills and knowledge regarding social media.

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Step 2 - Create Platforms

Pick what social media platforms will suit you best. From professional to networking all the way to creative. We have advice to suit all.

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Step 3 - Stay Savvy

Most importantly, Stay Savvy. You need to stay connected to your audience. Creating a platform is easy but maintaining it is the secret.

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We believe that taking the first steps in creating a site that provides advice on how to build personal media platforms will lead to an attractive Social Media Savvy Programme.

Developing a transnational social media savvy identification and support programme targeted at young people aged 14-24, teachers and trainers.