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Social Media Savvy coordinates meet ups with project partners, trainers, teachers, youth workers and stakeholders to discuss how to guide young people in their journey to work.

Young people are invited as well to tell us what kind of guidance they want, come up with ideas and experience our workshops and social media tools which include how to present yourself on social media, the Brand I and the way the British, Dutch and Spanish work.

We also keep our young people, project partners, trainers, teachers and youth workers up to date with our newsletters:


Here at Social Media Savvy we have created Newsletters to keep you all up to date with our meet-ups and allowing you to follow our journey in bringing as much young people into the Social Media Savvy way of life. We have English, Dutch and Spanish versions available and also PDFs forms to download. Keep up to date with our SMS e-Newsletters and sign up for your newsletter !

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