What social Media Platform you should use...

... and How our SMS Products will Support You to be Savvy !

An estimated three-quarters of consumers now say social media influences their buying decisions. Nearly 90% of companies are currently using social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other networks. So while social media races ahead, formal training and education programs for young people are lagging seriously behind or are completely lacking. ‘Finding a Job by Being Socially Media Savvy’, would be an exciting opportunity to build and upgrade your personal brand and your social media skills and experience. SMS guides young people on a interactive and challenging journey of social media creativity; enhancing their digital skills, personal branding and presentation skills on the platform of their choice !

Vision, Mision and SMS Products

The vision and mission of the Social Media Savvy Partnership is to make it easier for young people to progress into work, using social media to their advantage. That's why SMS has created a workshop targeted on young people still in school (potentially to graduate within 2 years) (aged 14-19) and/or or recent graduates (aged 16-25). The idea is that all those young people have a lack of work experience, but have a lot of smartphone experience. The only thing they do have is their own personal brand. A professional digital identity is therefore their first step to gain any kind of formal work experience which will lead to a substantial improvement of career development. In this workshop we have currently developed Social Media Savvy will help them to apply their smart phone experience on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, in connection with the world of work. So, smartphones allowed ! 

Social Media Savvy Workshop

We believe that opening up this method to synergies of SMS partners in collabouration with young people, by young people and for young people has lead to an attractive Social Media Savvy Programme, with cool website design content and very useful and professional blogs. Our programme provides a transnational social media savvy support programme and social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter, targeted at young people aged 14-25 and their teachers, trainers. Below the Country Reports, which gave us a good starting poimnt as regards to what kind of content we needed to provide for young people.


           COUNTRY REPORTS 2018/2020


SMS Country Report Netherlands

SMS Country Report United Kingdom

SMS Country Report Spain


The project Social Media Savvy is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. SMS has addressed experiences and needs of young people and provides early intervention starting at secondary schools, incl. dropouts and works with all appropriate agencies and is aiming to answer all questions young people have on their journey to work. The following questions young people have asked us at the start of the project: 

  1. How to support a Young Person (aged 14-25) being social media savvy?
  2. How can we identify & support the professional social media ’mindset?
  3. How can we provide all the support materials to young people, teachers & trainers?

To provide young people, teachers and trainers support in their “Social Media Savvy Journey” is complex and requires discipline and motivation from all actors involved. Successful practices have emerged from different places and examples. That's why we have run, test and fine tuned a Social Media Savvy Programme with young people, by young people and for young people during the project period 1 March 2018 – 1 Marcch 2020, but will continue to do so, also after the completion of the EE project. The last 2 years has shown that progress has been made every day in the field. SMS aims at acting at different levels with young people and educators and will follow up the processes and tools initiated to provide social media support services and propose sustainable innovations for young people on theor journey to work across Europe.