Social Media Savvy Part 1: Services

Social Media Savvy Part 1 created this amazing website with savvy blogs and other content on your social media journey to work. Further social media savvy country reports were made from Spain, Netherlands and United Kingdom. The social media savvy workshops gave young people a good professional introduction.

Social Media Savvy - Part 2: SMS Platform

The aim of Social Media Savvy - Part 2 is to facilitate young people with a dedicated Social Media Savvy Platform. The SMS platform provides young people guidance, advice, tips and tricks on how to build a personal professional savvy brand ('the brand I').

Social Media Savvy Part 2: SMS Passport

The Social Media Savvy Passport is a learning tool to support you to be a professional social media user on your journey to work. The SMS Passport certifies that you are qualified and able to make an attractive Social Media Savvy profesional digital identity.

What you need to know about our SMS Platform?

Join our online community today! Gain access to all of this exclusive content below!

  • Access to Social Media success guidance!
  • Complete an online questionnaire to assess your current knowledge of social media.
  • Gain access to our Cyber Safe page which will give you advice on keeping yourself safe online, using methods you might never have thought of before!
  • Read insights from our experts into upcoming trends!
  • Finally, gain access to extra hints & tips for a range of social media platforms!

What can I do with a SMS Passport?

The SMS Passport is an assessment tool, which measures how savvy you are at the start. And you can track your progress after you have scrolled on the SMS Platform and self-educated yourself with the three SMS Passport e-modules. The training content supports you to be a professional social media user on your journey to work. There are three modules:

  • Module 1: How to be a professional on Facebook and Instagram
  • Module 2: How to use LinkedIn in a professional way & How to make a video curriculum
  • Module 3: How to brand yourself professionally: It's all about the Brand 'I'

Next Steps...

Go visit our platform and ask yourself: 'Are you a professional social media user ?