Setting up a Savvy Insta Account

Over the past several weeks, people have been spending 44% more time on social media (source: Wordstream). That means Facebook and Instagram represent a powerful opportunity to reach your audiences where they are present and active. When you think of using social media in your job search, the first thing that probably comes to mind is LinkedIn. But Instagram is quickly becoming one of the most popular social medias around, It is has over 1 billion users and the majority of its users are 18-29 (37%). With its visual aesthetic it is no wonder it is so appealing to youth. Instagram is actually owned by Facebook it was bought in 2012 for $1 billion. Having the most liked photo is really important (Actually the picture of an egg is the most liked currently (more then 54 million likes. Sorry, we got side-tracked). So, how can you grow on #Insta and use it for job search and professional social media use

Your Instagram Account tells your Story

Use your Instagram page as another professional platform, one that is less formal, and more personal. Employers love candidates who are passionate. Instagram have become a vital tool for your presence on line now, anyone who is anyone has one.

Can you use Insta to find a job?

Many brands will share open positions on their social profiles before they even make it to a job board! Follow a brand you dream of working for and you might just beat the competition to the application. Further, scanning the Internet for news about a company and searching through its website are both key ways of researching a brand, but scroll through a company’s Instagram page, and you’ll get real insight into the company culture.

Create a Professional Insta Account

Whether or not you already have an Instagram account, you should consider creating a new account, dedicated to professional use only. This helps you keeping your personal life separate from your work life. FlexJobs says: ‘Think of it like a LinkedIn version of Instagram’. Savvy Advice ! .

How to make a Savvy Insta Account?

As we have said in other blogs, it’s very important that you represent your personal brand (the Brand ‘I’). So you need to use Insta to presonnaly brand yourself. Please make sure that, if you have other social media accounts that your Insta account is consistent, so it’s pretty clear that you are the same person. Further you have to make clear on what your expertise is and what you can offer to potential employers. Make sure that your your new account is open for everyone, so they can see your profile, whether they are following you or not. You want employers and industry peers to be able to easily see your profile.

What to Post on Instagram?

Social Media can damage your brand. if not used properly. If you’ve created a separate, professional Instagram account, focus on career-related photos. Did you attend a conference related to your industry? Snap a pic, tag the conference, and write a professional caption. Did you design a website for a freelance project? Screenshot and share. It may be tempting to post personal photos, but before you do, consider whether you’d like your future boss to see them. If it doesn’t sit right, save them for your personal account or refrain from posting altogether.

Instagram Hashtag Strategy

Don’t forget about the Instagram Stories and IGTV features

Insta is a photo/now video sharing app in which over 95 million photos/videos are shared every single day. Instagram also has a feature called “stories” this is an imitation of snapchat in which users can post a picture on their story and it will stay up for 24 hours then disappear.

Perhaps creating videos talking about a project you’re working on, or sharing a video from an employer you follow can make sense for your account. Maintaining a regular and consistent posting schedule will enhance your profile and help with your personal brand. For job seekers, most significant step to developing your personal brand is determining what your brand represents. Your core values are the heart of your brand. It is the foundation for all of your communication strategies. Ask yourself a few questions. What motivates you to get up in the morning and tackle the day? Why are you unique? What are you passionate about?

When do you grow on Instagram?

How do Instagram algorithm works? Below the #socialmediasavvy journey of your instagam post in a Cartoon: