Being consistent is key to growing and making the best of your social media platform. It is just as bad to have an inactive social media account than not having one at all. Depending on what platform you use you should keep a steady post flow.


How Often You Should Post


Daily a few tweets. Your own thoughts, opinions, social life, retweets of post that interest and relate to you, following accounts and liking posts in the industry and job search of your interest, to show you’re still active.


2/3 times a week or once a day. Share relevant businesses, voluntary work and posts that relate to you. Share important events that have happened in your life. Hubspot found that pages under 10,000 fans experienced a 50% drop in engagement per post if they posted more than once per day. 


Once a week. Show your social life, work, travels and hobbies. Did you attend a conference related to your industry? Snap a pic, tag the conference, and write a professional caption. Did you design a website for a freelance project? Screenshot and share.


Once a week. Keep up to date with the latest in your work place, your industries of interest and others have posted. Functionally, LinkedIn has similar elements to both Twitter and Facebook, which gives you the flexibility to tailor messages for specific audiences, share status updates, and message people directly.

How To Efficiently Use Social Media

Understanding algorithms can be useful to keep on top of your followers feeds, although not completely necessary, if you want to make sure you're getting the most out of social media then you will want to have an idea of how each social network's algorithm works and how to get around it. This is especially useful to know on sites like Twitter, as the half-life of a tweet is only 24 minutes.
Knowing how to have a professioal looking feed is also important when trying to maintain a social media profile. All of the links below lead to infomative videos or articles about how to use your social networks like a pro. 


Facebook uses an algorithm just like every other social media to prioritise which content will be shown to the user first, understanding how this works can be fundamental in running a professional Facebook page, here is a link that explains how the Facebook algorithm works and how to utilize it to your advantage. 
There's more to understanding Facebook than just knowing it's inner-workings, here's how to use Facebook for professional networking and here's how to set up a Facebook business page.

Understanding how to use Twitter properly will help you grow a follower count and will give you a proper means to have a professional feed, here is a link that will tell you how Twitter's algorithm works and how to make it work for you. 
A big part of using Twitter is not just knowing how it's algorithm works but also how to post properly, engage with others and how to set up a proper bio. Here's the Top 5 Twitter Tips and how to use Twitter as a professional.

You always start at the beginning, that;'s why we have written a blog about The basics of setting up an Instagram account. The blog What Works on Instagram, Why it Works and How it Works gives also a lot of Savvy Insta Tips and Tricks and brings you to our SMS Platform with more need to know Instagram information. Knowing how to use Instagram can be very useful as more and more businesses are adopting it as a professional social network. Instagram's algorithm decides which posts are shown at the top of the feed and which posts are pushed down, learning what Instagram's algorithm prioritizes can be very useful when running an Instagram account. 

Knowing how to make good looking, professional content can also be very useful, knowing how to use Instagram for business and how to have the perfect instagram feed can be vital when running a page. 

LinkedIn's algorithm has many filters, but first it decides if your post is spam, low-quality or good-to-go, knowing how to use the LinkedIn algorithm is very important becuase otherwise your posts may be hidden if they are not up to par with the filter's quality standards. 
Knowing how to use LinkedIn will give you a foot up in the professional work, here's How to Use LinkedIn for Beginners and a guide to using LinkedIn effectively, this knowledge will go far if you apply it correctly.