• Founded 2010
  • 1 billion monthly users worldwide
  • Company net worth $100 billion

Instagram is quickly becoming one of the most popular social medias around. It is has over 1 billion users and the majority of its users are 18-29 (37%). With its visual aesthetic it is no wonder it is so appealing to youth. Instagram is actually owned by Facebook it was bought in 2012 for $1 billion.

Do you want to set up a Savvy Insta Account ?

Insta is a photo/now video sharing app in which over 95 million photos/videos are shared every single day. Instagram also has a feature called “stories” this is an imitation of snapchat in which users can post a picture on their story and it will stay up for 24 hours then disappear. Do you know what is the most-liked post on Instagram? It will surprise you which picture has been liked more then 54 million times (#GoodToKnowFacts).


It is largely used as a social platform however over recent years it has become a big place for advertising. If you follow any celebrity chances are you’ve seen a sponsored post on your feed. There is a difference between the generic instagram ads you may see and content that a brand will have paid an “influencer” to endorse their product, in 2018 some Instagram "influencers" were paid up to $1 million per sponsored post. However the latter has been causing issues with advertising authorities as it isn’t always clear to see if a post has been sponsored.

Instagram have become a vital tool for business growth now, anyone who is anyone has one. Although it has less members than Facebook its growth is rapid and it really is shaping up to be the next big thing.