What Works on Instagram

What works on Instagram - How it works- Why it works

Instagram is quickly becoming one of the most popular social medias around, with its visual aesthetic it is no wonder it is so appealing to young people

Instagram have become a vital tool for your presence on line now, anyone who is anyone has one. Use your Instagram page as another professional platform, one that is less formal, and more personal: Employers love candidates who are passionate.

Many brands will share open positions on their social profiles before they even make it to a job board! Scroll through a company’s Instagram page, and you’ll get real insight into the company culture. Maintaining a regular and consistent posting schedule will enhance your profile and help with your personal brand. For job seekers, most significant step to developing your personal brand is determining what your brand represents: Your core values are the heart of your brand. It is the foundation for all of your communication strategies

Ask yourself a few questions. What motivates you to get up in the morning and tackle the day? Why are you unique? What are you passionate about? Social Media can damage your brand. if not used properly. If you’ve created a separate, professional Instagram account, focus on career-related photos: Did you attend a conference related to your industry? Snap a pic, tag the conference, and write a professional caption. Did you design a website for a freelance project? Screenshot and share. It may be tempting to post personal photos, but before you do, consider whether you’d like your future boss to see them. If it doesn’t sit right, save them for your personal account or refrain from posting altogether

Insta Cartoon

How and When to post on Insta

The best times to post on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest

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Advice for Instagram stories and bio

Don’t forget about the Instagram Stories and IGTV features. Creating videos talking about a project you’re working on, or sharing a video from an employer you follow can make sense for your account.

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Be Consistent on Insta

Maintaining a regular and consistent posting schedule will enhance your profile and help with your personal brand

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