Savvy Social Media Content Ideas

The Coronavirus is clearly the topic of social media at the moment. Twitter gets you updated with all Corona breaking news out there… But what social media content are savvy enough to post currently? In the new reality of COVID-19 we must be realistic about the behavior and tendencies of social media users and the implications for marketing. We definitely recommend you keep on posting and I guess this is also the time to try some new things on social media. If not now, when?

Savvy Tips and Tricks for your social media

You have to keep your social media presence going with regular and planned posts (Buffer and Hootsuite are good tools to back you up with this and repeat previously posted posts, by scheduling them again) across a variety of social media platforms. As a matter of fact, you could increase your posting a bit. What content to share right now can be tough. It makes sense to cancel all your scheduled social media posts, if they were scheduled before the Corona outbreak. Take a hard look at the social editorial calendar and each post. News is changing rapidly, so your scheduled posts that are previously determined might just fall at the wrong time (source: ConvinceAndConvert).

31 #Savvy Tips

A favourite influencer of us on twitter is Rebekah Radice. She comes up with 31 #socialmediasavvy tips: ‘Here’s 31 #socialmedia content ideas you can use (source: Twitter Rebekah Radice)’: